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23 March Pakistan Resolution Day

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23 March Speech in English

Pakistan Resolution Day, 23rd March 1940, is one of the most significant and instrumental days in the history of Pakistan. This is a day to remember the struggles undertaken by the Muslim leaders of the subcontinent. Today, the citizens of modern day Pakistan commemorate this day to immortalize its significance and value in their history.

Respected Sir and all my fellows:

After the Lahore resolution was passed, Quaid e Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah became the most important Muslim leader of the whole subcontinent. Muslims recognized Quaid as the shepherd that will lead the Muslims to their own separate nation. He became a nationwide inspiration for Muslim to wake up from their reveries of a sunken past, and begin striving for complete and total independence from the Hindus and the British.

Respected All,

Pakistan Resolution, passed in Minto Park of Lahore, gave Muslims a rational, reachable and desirable goal: the creation of Pakistan. It served to release the fire of Independence in the hearts of the Muslims, who were all eager to make their contribution in achieving a free Muslim state, Pakistan.

That day, Quaid-e-Azam provided Muslims with a clear-cut and well-defined goal that was understood even by the simplest and most naive of Muslim minds. The call to independence was answered by a unanimous awakening that altered the course of history, and the geographic structure of the subcontinent.

When we look back at 23rd March speech of our Quaid Muhammad Ali Jinnah, we are reminded of the fact that it was this day that the great nation we live in today was created in the minds of our forefathers.

In the ending lines, I would like to urge all Pakistanis to remember the spirit, the message of 23rd March 1940 when our forefathers vowed to achieve Pakistan, a separate country for Muslims. Now it becomes our responsibility to be united, serve and save Pakistan.

Thank you.

Pakistan Paindabad

23 March Essay in English

March 23rd, 1940 is a remarkable day in the history of Pakistan. That day, Muslims of South Asia told the world that they want nothing but recognition as a separation nation, the Muslims, and a separate country to live in freely, Pakistan.

The All-India Muslim League emerged as the major Muslim party that would lead to the creation of Pakistan. It was Pakistan Resolution Day, 23rd March 1940 when Mohammad Ali Jinnah became the Quaid-e-Azam he later came to be known as. That day he became that passionate symbol of unwavering strength that fueled the fire of Muslim unity, to the extent that the Muslims began to consider M.A Jinnah as an institution within in himself.

Before the Pakistan Resolution Day 23rd March, 1940, Jinnah’s political decisions highlighted his lifelong dream of seeing the Muslims and Hindus of the subcontinent working together, understanding each other and forming a unanimous political voice to make “their common motherland” one of “the great countries of the world”.

The Lahore Resolution marked a dynamic shift as the world saw Jinnah abandon this dream as he left Delhi to travel to Lahore in a beautifully decorated train adorned with green flags, and the crescent and star, the emblem of the Muslim League.

He chose the opening day as the occasion to address a huge public gathering of Muslim Leaguers and the Khaksars, all gathered at Minto Park to make Jinnah the leader who will guide them towards a more secure future in the subcontinent.

The man, Jinnah, who was once famous as the ambassador of Hindu-Muslim unity now became the greatest leader who feverishly advocated the Muslim’s right to self-rule and independence.

He was now the great leader of Pakistan movement, and soon it was clear to everyone, the British leadership, Gandhi, Nehru and Azad amongst others, that they have no choice but to agree to the two-nation solution; and Jinnah was resolved to achieve.

After the Pakistan Resolution Day, 23rd March 1940, it was evident to all Hindu leaders that they must submit their will to the creation of a neighboring Muslim state, which will be fully equipped to deal with them with a strong diplomatic agenda.

23 March 1940 was the day when Muslims truly gathered at a platform to make Pakistan and under Quaid’s unwavering leadership, our forefathers saw the historical moments of creation of Pakistan.

Now it’s our responsibility to endeavour for Pakistan’s prosperity and development.

May ALLAH save our beloved country Pakistan!

Speech on 23rd March Pakistan in Urdu


Pakistan Resolution Day Speech in Urdu

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